Mtanga Foods | Mtanga Foods in Brief
Mtanga Foods, Tanzania is an established food production chain including cattle, sheep and on-site abattoir and butchery.
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Mtanga Foods in Brief


Mtanga Foods (Mtanga) is an innovative Tanzanian company that produces fresh food of best quality at competitive prices. Its principal activities include the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef and other meat products.

It is a vertically integrated business which controls and manages the food production process from farm to fork, adhering to the highest standards of health and quality throughout. Mtanga grows crops to produce its own animal feed.

The company takes full advantage of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands’s rich, natural and unspoiled agricultural resources for healthy and environmentally friendly food production.

Mtanga Foods is a leading meat business in Tanzania and takes pride in producing food of the highest quality whilst adhering to internationally accepted, sustainable business practices in all its activities. The company is growing progressively, working with its partners in the bold, pioneering spirit of Tanzania.